Friday, August 1- Sunday, Aug 3, 2008

Providence, Rhode Island

Photos of the Reunion

Our Selected Photos at Facebook which have people tagged

All 400 of our photos, if you are interested, In high resolution.
You can also upload your own here if you write us for login info.

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Reunion History and Planning:

Friday: The Carousel

 The Cruise

Sunday: Goddard Park

Who said they were coming


Sightseeing in Rhode Island

Other places to go in the NorthEast

Traveling Tips

About Rhode Island

The Van Hout Reunion 2008 was organized by

Diana Vollmayer


Mary Margaret Van Damme,
and Jim Van Damme, Webmaster

Phone 315-339-2143 (Us at home)
315-886-6417 (Jim)  315-404-5674  (MM)

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